Video editing tools spotted in iPhone 3.0 firmware beta

Famous pairings include Apple pie and ice cream; Apple's Steve and Steve; Jason Chen and pantsing new electronics; and, of course, the iPhone and video editing.

It's just a rumour for now, bits of newly discovered beta code, really, but that last pairing could be true, and soon.

Now, video editing and the iPhone isn't total out of the blue. Just last month, in the aftermath of the big firmware 3.0 beta reveal, intrepid cyber sleuths uncovered an "upload my video" option in the MobileMe section.

But this tip from Gizmodo reader Ben is something a bit new. Buried in the beta are some graphics that future iPhone directors might use for video editing. There are also some art resources that allegedly show scrubbing and clip features.

And naturally, if these features pan out, they would make massively more sense paired up with a device that has a faster processor, more storage, etc. You picking up what I'm laying down? [Benm.At - Thanks, Ben]

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