UpCart Puts a Literal Twist On The Old Fashioned Shopping Cart

I'll admit, the standard shopping cart is probably overdue for an upgrade, but I don't see much potential in the UpCart swiveling bins.

The idea is that shoppers could use the UpCart like a storage system. Heavy things go on the bottom, lighter things on top and the bins can be swiveled in and out of position for easy access. Each bin could even be lined with a shopping bag to save time at the checkout. Obviously, there are a couple of problems here. First of all, the vertical design with the bins probably won't reduce your footprint in the aisles all that much, and second, it would most likely be prone to tipping over if loaded incorrectly. So, I woudn't expect this concept to show up in your local Walmart anytime soon. [Industrial Design Served via The Design Blog]

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