Unibody Construction Helps MacBook Air Survive Plane Crash

Last February a Turkish Airways jet crashed in Amsterdam killing nine people and injuring 121 others. Passenger Sefer Baris and his MacBook Air survived the crash—but both were a little worse for wear.

Sefer's friend Bullent tells Macenstein:

He was sitting on the chair in the front [of the airplane] . Seat number seven. (3-4 chairs from the business class). He has his MacBook Air with him, he was watching a movie. When the plane began to land, he closed his MacBook Air, and put it in the skin. A couple of minutes [later]there was the crash."

Apparently Sefer broke his neck the accident—and his MacBook was bent all to hell. Miraculously, several operations have given Sefer the ability to walk, and sturdy unibody construction prevented his new MacBook Air from completely biting the dust. Despite their injuries, both "booted up" and are expected to recover. [Macenstein]

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