Typecast Yourself with Radiopaq Custom-Tuned Earbuds: Emos Not Allowed

Sometimes, one size doesn't fit all, which is why Radiopaq has come out with custom-tuned earbuds that specifically bring out the best quality in either Jazz, Pop, Classical or Rock.

For those wondering why you would play £59 ($120) for a pair of these earphones when you could customise the equalizer on your own for free, the point to these earbuds are to give you an internally-built equalizer for its specific genre, without having to mess around with the equalizer—essentially, a plug and play:

So for Rock you get a big, warm but tightly controlled bass, with all the high end detail still present, with Jazz you get rhythm and pace, with a perfectly defined soundstage, our classical earphones faithfully reproduce every nuance of the performance, and with the pop earphones you'll get a more dynamic, sharp listening experience with strong vocals and a great beat.

So if classical earphones "faithfully reproduce every nuance of the performance," why don't they just make all earphones like that? Also, I'm not exactly sure I want a pair of earphones that could control the rhythm, pace and beats of a song—it's a little too magical for my liking.

Although these buds are custom tuned to only one genre, Radiopaq claims the earphones are simply optimised for that sound but also work with any other genres of music, just like how although an SUV was built for off-roading, you could still drive it around town. However, because the earbuds come with its genre written on its exterior, my ego's going with the Rock pair no matter how much I secretly love Britney Spears. [Radiopaq via Engadget]

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