Two Men Attempting to Set a Text Messaging Record Get $26K Phone Bill for 217K Texts

Two Men Attempting to Set a Text Messaging Record Get $26K Phone Bill for 217K Texts
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<p>Move over <a girls: two friends from Philadelphia—both men—just received a bill for $US26,000 after sending 217,000 texts to each other in the month of March alone.

Nick Andes, 29, and Doug Klinger, 30, were looking to beat the highest monthly text message total they could find—182,000 sent by Deepak Sharma in 2005—so they set up their phones to send multiple messages. On a test run in February, they found that they could send up to 7,000 texts on some days, which prompted their record-breaking attempt in March.

Throughout the month, their phones were so busy sending texts that Andes’s wife, Julie, could rarely reach him because his phone was always tied up sending texts. Although some of the texts were simple—such as “Hello” or “LOL”—and a lot of them were repeats, at the end of March, Andes received an itemised bill of $US26,000, which was so large that it came in a package that cost $US27.55 just to ship to him.

Piling up such high bill for that many texts shouldn’t have come as a surprise, except for the fact that Andes and Klinger both had unlimited text messaging plans. However, T-Mobile has apparently credited the phone bill and is now investigating the charges. Moreover, with Andes sending 140,000 texts and Klinger contributing 70,000 of his own, the two men were able to send about 217,000 texts, which is clearly over the 182,000 text message record they were able to find online. However, representatives at the Guiness World Records have yet to verify whether or not the two men have, in fact, beat the world record. [Yahoo]