Trendwatch: Cow-Shaped MP3 Players Are the Next Big Thing

We never would've guessed it, but bovine audio players are apparently a genuine trend. Brando's newest piece of gadget fluff, a cow-shaped, 4GB, screenless mp3 player, continues the fad.

Not that anybody cares about the specs on this kind of thing, but the "Moo-Cow MP3 Player" packs 4GB of storage, an LED indicator light (since there's no screen), and buttons on the cow's ears. It's available at the admittedly very reasonable price of $30 in three colours. It's possible that this gadget has something to do with it being the Year of the Ox in China, but we'd prefer to believe it's just the product of careful trendwatching and some misguided inspiration. [Brando]

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