Tokyoflash Concept Clocks Look Like Fun But Make My Brain Hurt

Tokyoflash revealed some concept clocks that will either delight or depress you (say, if you still can't figure out what time it is after staring at the damn thing for 10 minutes).

The Tokyoflash guys are good sports and looking for feedback from you, lovely readers, via an online survey. So if you find them too bewildering or eyesore, please perform your civic duty and speak up. The information gathered will then be used for product development and selected designs will hit the shelves. You could be a part of history.

Currently the collection includes a series of multipurpose clocks, such as ambient table lamps with subtle, animated textural designs. Some include the ever trendy iPod docks or have multiple time zone displays and calendar functionality. Others are structurally versatile enough to be be positioned on your desk, wall, or floor. [Tokyoflash Japan]

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