T-Mobile Further Blurs Mobile Phone/Laptop Line With Android-Powered Tablet In 2010

The New York Times is reporting tonight that T-Mobile will release a new tablet and home phone in 2010, and that both devices will be powered by Google's open source OS, Android.

The NYT says "confidential documents" revealed the unnamed home phone would plug into a docking station, and will come complete with a device that handles data synching and recharging duties. The phone will reportedly arrive first, to be followed by the tablet sometime later in 2010. If you're having trouble visualising the setup, just think of the Verizon Hub. There, all better.

Less is known about the tablet, but those same confidential docs revealed it looks like a small laptop with a 7-inch touchscreen (no physical keyboard). It would "handle basic computing jobs like checking the weather or managing data across a variety of devices in the home," reports the NYT. For more info on what that might mean, look no further than T-Mobile's picture frame with a subscription plan, the Cameo, which will no doubt be compatible with both devices come next year.

Between this and the recent subsidized 3G-enabled netbook reports over at Verizon, it would appear that the inevitable blurring between mobile phone carriers and laptop manufacturers (and LCD frames?) is finally past the point of no return. But you knew that already, right? [NYT]

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