This is How the Segway/GM PUMA Pod Flies Down the Street

Jalopnik has a clip from the Today Show demonstrating how the GM/Segway PUMA pod rolls about. And just like with the Batpod, Meredith Viera takes the sexy honours of a sexy first ride.

It goes up to 55kph and gets somewhere around 85km/L. Those numbers fluctuate depending on the lardassity of the passengers.

What's interesting isn't the way it rolls around only only two wheels—even though it has four other wheels in front and behind just in case the balancing mechanism doesn't work—it's that weird adjustment mechanism that's shown at about a minute deep in the above clip.

We could really see people riding this in cities. But that's exactly what we said eight years ago with the Segway. [Jalopnik]

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