Third Windows Laptop Hunter Ad Picks a Sony Vaio Instead of a Mac (Obviously)

The third of the laptop hunter ads shows a mum and a kid, shopping for a computer under $US1500. And yes, the clip takes yet another dump on Macs.

Not to repeat everything on the ad, but the kid picks a Sony Vaio because it has Blu-ray and because Macs are "a little small", even though his mum says "they are pretty" before making the most disgusting face ever caught on video.

The mum seems to be happy to be getting a couple hundred bucks in cash, and the kid seems to be happy because hey, free computer. But in the end, does it really matter which OS you choose? Does it? You give me a $US1500 blank check and I'll pick a $US200 Eee and buy $US1300 worth of ice cream. That's right, I haven't had ice cream in a while. [Thanks Ravi!]

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