Thecus N0204 miniNAS Makes the Unfortunate Claim of 'World's Smallest NAS'

I can't think of another product category less served by the ol' "world's smallest" tag that gadget-makers continuously foam over than network storage drives. But, of course, here we have the "world's smallest" NAS.

The miniNAS, as you would expect, uses a pair of 2.5-inch laptop drives (up to 500GB each), which are wrong for a NAS for a number of reasons, primarily their lack of speed when compared to 3.5-inchers. At least your data will be backed up, with both RAID 0 and RAID 1 as an option.

Also packed in is a DLNA server for iTunes and multimedia streaming, a USB port for backing up USB volumes, and, in the only benefit of the laptop drives I can see, a claim of 25-30% of the power usage of a full-size dual-disk NAS.

But again, don't buy this unless you live, literally, in a closet. [Thecus via Engadget]

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