The WoW Pod Brings Porta-Potties to Azeroth

The saddest part about the WoW Pod isn't the guy eating, crapping and playing WoW inside. It's that an MIT Council for the Arts grant made it happen.

Built by Cati Vaucelle & Shada/Jahn, the WoW Pod is an "immersive architectural solution for the advanced WOW (World of Warcraft) player that provides and anticipates all life needs." Practically, this equates to a WoWish hut including an integrated PC with surround sound, water supply, hot plate (synced to heat when your avatar cooks) and, of course, a porcelain throne.

Seriously though, MIT, I have my WoW Pod right here. It's called a bathroom, laptop and one jumbo family pack of Hostess cupcakes. See you guys in a few days. [MIT via Kotaku]

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