The Simpsons Goes HD Widescreen On Ten Next Week

<em>The Simpsons</em> Goes <strike>HD</strike> Widescreen On Ten Next Week

Remember back in February when The Simpsons made the long awaited switch to High Definition? And changed their opening credits for the first time in 20 years? Well, that episode is going to be aired on Channel 10 next week in all its glorious widescreen, standard definition glory. Wait… what?Well, ever since Channel 10 decided to ditch Ten HD in favour of One HD – their 24 hour sports channel – they’ve got no way of broadcasting the HD episode (or any other HD entertainment that isn’t of the sporting variety). You will still get the benefit of watching the show in widescreen if you’re watching 10 through a digital tuner, but there won’t be any HD version any time soon.

As David Knox over at TV Tonight so aptly puts it: D’oh!

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