The Private Numeric Keypad

Have some numeric passwords to hide? Top secret numerical strings to enter while out in the wild? Well, don't let those shifty-eyed data thieves get the best of you.

Privacy, privacy, privacy. First there was the Blackberry visor for those who tried to hide the fact that they were looking at porn. Now enters the cleverly hooded USB keypad, which allows individuals seeking a certain level of privacy to do their work in the field with the utmost discretion. It's also sure to put paranoid pencil pushers at ease. Sadly, this is the category of number-punchers I fall under. I'll be hunched over my desk tip-tapping away while some shmuck try to peek over my shoulder. Too bad shmuck, you won't be able to see a thing (Please ignore me when I'm typing on my regular keyboard).

Whether you are a sneaky person or Excel monkey, the most covert of number pads is available for $US18.99. [USB Fever via Geeky Gadgets]

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