The Pirate Bay's Ipredator Provides Safe, Anonymous Protection From the Law for $US6

The Pirate Bay's new IP-masking anonymity service for paranoid pirates—Ipredator, whose name also plays off Sweden's new IPRED anti-piracy law—already has over 100,000 sign-ups.

Ipredator is a virtual private network that people connect to which hides their actual IP address, using a different one provided by Ipredator as their public internet face, making it harder to track who's really uploading that Spanish-dubbed copy of Quantum of Solace.

Wired notes that feature that makes The Pirate Bay's anonymising VPN service exceptional is that they supposedly won't log any data at all, making it that much harder to pinpoint specific users. The few other details known about the service so far is that it'll cost about $US6 and it's expected to start up soon.

So far, 80 percent of the people who pre-registered are Swedish. Not surprising given that Sweden's internet traffic dropped by a third after IPRED (Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive) went into effect, which lets copyrights holders sue alleged pirates willy-nilly without dealing with the police. I expect it won't stay 80 percent Swede for long, though. [Wired]

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