The NBN Is The Biggest Hippie Lovefest Since Woodstock

The NBN Is The Biggest Hippie Lovefest Since Woodstock

Since this morning’s announcement that the Government is going to be creating their own company to build the NBN, there has been an outpouring of love and respect from ISPs so profound that you’d think K-Rudd was the new Dalai Lama.So far, my inbox has press releases from iiNet, Internode, Primus, and Telstra, all commending the Government for their decision to build the network. Even Telstra’s response lacked the venom we’ve become so accustomed to.

Here are some of the key quotes from the releases:

“This is the best of all possible outcomes and will ensure Australians have access to fast, affordable and competitive broadband. In terms of the key criteria we were looking for in a National Broadband Network – open access, structural separation, fixing backhaul ‘black spots’ and regulatory reform – the Government has delivered.” — Michael Malone, iiNet

“We look forward to having constructive discussions with the Government at the earliest opportunity. There is a lot to absorb in the Government’s announcement and we will consider every aspect in detail.Telstra supports the Government’s objectives of investment in world-leading broadband infrastructure, an innovative telecommunications sector and healthy competition that provides real choice for customers.” — Donald McGauchie, Telstra

“I’m gobsmacked – in a good way! If they do what they promise, they’ve actually got it right and Australia might just turn into a broadband front-runner country 10 years from now. It is a great relief that the Government has abandoned the Fibre to the Node (FTTN) delivery model which would have cost it $4.7 billion without cutting the mustard. Rather than squander its cash on FTTN or do nothing, it has the guts to build a Fibre to the Home network that will cost more than $40 billion.” — Simoon Hackett, Internode

“The decisions taken today are truly historic, and are clearly decisions that only a confident and decisive Government could take. We are very pleased that these processes are underway and look forward to contributing.” — Ravi Bhatia, Primus

See? Lovefest. All for a solution that’s going to take 8 years to build.