The Earth Angel Wind-Up Vibrator Is as Disappointing as the Real Thing

From the little we claim to know on the topic, most women make do using electricity (batteries or plugs) to power their vibrators. But what about those poor Amish and extreme eco hippies?

For these under represented sexual minorities, a company has released the "world's first 100% eco-friendly sex toy," the $US95 Earth Angel Wind-Up vibrator. Constructed from 100% recycled materials, 4 minutes of cranking stores 30 minutes of vibrating power (like those 5-in-1 solar emergency radios but way more pervy).

So to sum it up: A woman wastes a few minutes working a stick before receiving a moderately satisfying level of physical stimulation. Is there really no better model than this, science? [LoveHoney via ShinyShiny]

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