Tesla-Smart Collaboration Produces Underwhelming Electric Car

The Smart fortwo seems like a perfect candidate for the electric makeover, and with Tesla lending its expertise to the project, we all expected an impressive showing. But to be honest, we're not thrilled.

The fortwo is a tiny, tiny car, and we're sort of surprised it took so long to be fitted with electric guts. But the Tesla-Smart version still only has a range of 160km, and promises to cost even more than the gas or diesel versions, which already retail for about $US20,000. Our brothers at Jalopnik estimate this version will come in even pricier. It's got a ton of power, since it's featuring the same motor and gearbox as the Tesla Roadster, but in this kind of car we'd expect to see a little economy of power rather than superfast acceleration. [AutoblogGreen]

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