Tefal's Aptly Named Toast N Egg Will Cook Both Your Toast And Your Eggs

Tefal126_1.jpgNow this is the kind of kitchen gadget I can get behind! The Tefal Toast n Egg will cook your toast and your eggs for you. It'll fry 'em, poach 'em or boil 'em, just how you like it.Not only that, but the two-slot toaster will let you toast bagels or muffins as well, and there's a warming tray over the grill for, well, warming stuff. You can also use either the toaster part or the egg cooking part on its own, for pure kitchen versatility.

Current says it will be on sale in time for Mother's Day for an RRP of $79.95. I say to hell with mother's day though - I need one of these today!


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