Take the DBAG: The Dirty Bastard Aptitude Geek Quiz

Are you an unorganised, sloppy mess, or do you keep yourself neat, clean and together? Take the DBAG to find out once and for all just how much of a disaster you are.

To take the test, simply read the following 25 questions and keep track of how many times you answer "yes." At the end, we'll be able to tell you just how gross you are based on this number. Now pay attention!

1. Do you eat Cheetos at your keyboard without wiping your hands?
2. Do you have over 30 desktop icons that are completely unorganised?
3. Do you have every photo your digital camera has ever taken on your computer, even the ones with your finger on the lens, just because you're too lazy to delete them?
4. Are half of your MP3s tagged incorrectly or not tagged at all?
5. Do you have tons of people in Facebook purgatory who you don't want to accept but are too lazy to deny?
6. Do you have over 1,000 unread messages in your Gmail inbox?
7. Do you not have a protective screen on your phone?
8. Do you use your computer on the toilet?
9. Do you still have floppy disks kicking around your workspace for some reason?
10. Do you have bookmarks that you last visited over 5 years ago?
11. Is your address book full of duplicate entries for different people like a 2001 cellphone?
12. Do you have a closet that's full of empty gadget boxes in a big pile?
13. Do you have a ball of tangled cables that you're pretty sure you'll never be able to get untangled?
14. Is there a "Install AOL Now!" icon still on your desktop from when you bought it?
15. Do you have a drawer full of old installer CDs and manuals that's completely disorganised?
16. Are all of your photos in one big folder that you need to sort through to find what you're looking for?
17. Do you use the iPhone's remote app to change the music on your computer when you're sitting less than 2 metres away?
18. Do you have shows on your DVR that have been automatically recording for months, yet you never watch?
19. Do you have unopened bank statement envelopes on your desk from over a year ago?
20. After a phone call, do you need to wipe a good amount of facegrease off with your shirt?
21. Do you have more than 3 toolbars installed in your browser?
22. Do you have more than a half dozen mystery processes you haven't bothered to investigate that automatically start up when you boot your computer?
23. Are you subscribed to multiple email lists that you always delete without reading but are too lazy to unsubscribe from?
24. Do you have an entire bagel's worth of poppy/sesame seeds under the keys of your keyboard?
25. Do you ever go out of the house looking like this guy?

Now tally up how many of these questions you answered yes to and click below for your diagnosis and analysis.

-0-5 points
-6-10 points
-11-15 points
-16-20 points
-21-25 points

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