System Builders Bypass CableCARD Certification With BIOS Tweaking

Tweakers have finally bypassed the one thing in the way of getting CableCARD tuners working on any old PC by fiddling with the BIOS and entering in certain product IDs. It's a good start.

Previously, you could only get a HTPC hooked up to watch digital cable using a CableCARD that was authorised by CableLABS, which only authorised them on systems you buy pre-built from OEMs. Now, if these DIYers can figure out how to enable the hack on many systems beside just ASUS P5Q motherboards, we'd have something going. You still need to buy a standard CableCARD tuner, however, so don't get your hopes up that you're saving money on that. [Green Button via Engadget]

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