Stardust Light Furniture Opens Plenty of Possibilities for Tasteless Bachelors

Stardust is a set of sofas and pillows that illuminate from within. Add a rotating disco ball, lava lamps, and a couple of awesome Philips LivingColors lights, and your psychedelic apartment will be complete.

These new models are called Mappamondo (Globe), Bucco Bianco (White Hole), and Galassia (Galaxy). They are made of Via Lattea—italian for the raspberry-flavored Milky Way—a white fabric assembled around carbon-based black threads which they claim is indestructible.

The best thing about the Stardust light furniture is that it allows you to role play Austin Powers at night, while letting you be Howard Hughes during the day just by changing the space cakes with milk bottles. [Meritalia via Gearfuse]

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