Sony's XEL-1 11-Inch OLED TV Now Available in Australia

Sure, it's got the worst dollar-to-screen-size ratio you can find on the market to day, but the XEL-1's OLED goodness is like finding the image quality Gods in an 11-inch package. And now you can buy it here in Australia.Sony are finally releasing the XEL-1 in Australia, and even though the $6,999 pricetag is absurdly expensive for an 11 inch set, remember that this is the first OLED screen on the market - prices will come down and screen sizes will go up over the next few years.

And while it's been 12 months since we reviewed it here on Giz, the same verdict still applies - aside from screen size and half-life issues, this is close to being the perfect TV.

Oh, and it cuts cucumbers really well too.


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