Sony HDR-TG5V Handycam: Mini HD Camera Gets GPS

Sony's HDR-TG5V Handycam shoots HD and tells you where you shot it...which is bad news for cave-dwelling terrorists but nifty for family vacations.

The HDR-TG5V is the evolution of the Sony HDR-TG1, and it certainly sounds like a premium device. It features a titanium frame, LCD touch interface and shoots 1920x1080 video (10X optical zoom) along with 4MP stills (face detection included). AVCHD video is recorded to 16GB of internal storage along with GPS coordinates should you want to track your adventures.

But as CNET points out, there's no GPS metadata standard in AVCHD, so the information can only be sewn to your videos through proprietary software. That's not Sony's fault, but it does make their camcorder's main new feature a bit less appealing.

If you're interested, you can look for the HDR-TG5V this May for "about $US1000." [Sony via CNET]

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