Sony Ericsson T707: Who Says More of the Same Is a Bad Thing?

Like Lam, I will forever be infatuated with midrange Sony Ericsson phones. SE knows what their devices can and can't do and they work within those limitations. The gesture-controlled, designer T707 is no different.

This T707 is essentially a repackaging of core Sony Ericsson phone tech over the last couple years, but in a flashy new shell. Utilizing the rear camera, you can do things like silence a call or alarm by waving your hand over the camera. And one thing I have to give SE credit for is that they always make sure the UI design is fresh looking. the backend programming may essentially be the same, but they keep updating the visuals so as not to look stale.

Other than that, the T707 has eye-catching colours, sleek design and is otherwise a wholly ordinary dumbphone.

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