Shuellas Are Umbrellas For Your Shoes. No, Us Neither

shue-250a.jpgFrom the "So crazy it just might work!" file comes the Shuella, an umbrella for your shoes. Or, more accurately, a raincoat that covers your shoes and legs. Crazy!Obviously targetted at the finer sex, the Shuella promises: "to be easy to put on and take off over your favourite footwear". They're specifically designed to handle high heels, with reinforced PVC soles and a slip free base to prevent injuries. Each pair comes with a carry pouch and towel, and they're available in hot pink or black.

How much would you expect to pay for such a wondrous technological advancement? If you answered $79.95, you'd be spot on. And while you and I would probably prefer to spend that $80 on, let's say a pair of shoes, your better half might find these irresistible. shue-copy1.gif


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