Sanyo CY-SPG226 Battery-Assists Your Lazy Butt For Up To 85km

Sanyo's Eneloop label, known for Wii charging stations and batteries, is taking cycling for a spin with the CY-SPG226 battery-assisted bicycle. Don't let the 85km range fool you though—there's still pedalling to be done.

The impressive range is accomplished, Sanyo says, by a battery that recharges itself on downhill stretches or when the cyclist brakes.

There's also that big honkin' basket on the front, capable of carrying more than 9 kilos (perfect for a chance encounter with an animatronic alien), but that has little to do with the batteries. Sadly, there is no little bell to ring when you arrive with a delivery.

The bike is, unsurprisingly, being marketed to courier and maintenance companies for about $US1,300 (Japan only). That may sound expensive to some, but if you really hate pedaling or doing more work than is absolutely necessary, like I do, it might not be so bad. [CrunchGear]

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