Sancal Elipse Table: 'I'm Trapped In a Table, But I'm Doing Fine'

Sure, you expect a $US1,000+ table to make a statement, but few are as complex as Rafa Garcia's gravity-defying table with protruding forearms, allegedly a celebration of "the male spirit."

Coming in black or white lacquer, the table can be square or rectangle, for £773 and £991 respectively. The fiber-board top and bottom are held together by an enamel-coated steel tube which is hard to see at some angles, giving the impression that the top half just floats there. I'm not contemporary art critic, but I think it says a lot, starting with: "Yes, it is true, everything but my arms are hyperdimensionally encoded in the top half of this table sandwich. But hey, I'm all good." [SwipeLife]

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