Samsung Propel Pro Has the Looks, Needs a Better Keyboard

The Samsung Propel Pro is the enterprise-targeted followup to last year's Propel, and now has a redesigned keyboard, Windows Mobile 6.1 and wi-fi, to go along with a (literally) shiny new body.

Among other things, the Propel Pro also has GPS, stereo bluetooth, 3-megapixel camera and a 2.5-inch screen with 320x320 resolution. WinMo 6.1 runs fine on the phone. It's not blazing, but it hardly lags. The hardware itself looks beautiful , and I've always been a sucker for squarish, slider phones. However, the keyboard feels totally cramped, and the directional nub is feels cheap, so navigating with this phone isn't the most desirable thing in the world (no touchscreen).

That said, Samsung's Propel Pro will be available on AT&T later this month for $US150.

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