Samsung Impression Has Great Dumbphone Hardware, Less Perfect Software

For an entry level dumbphone, this Samsung Impression is a really nice piece of hardware. And while the the Software UI more or less gets the job done, it's still a little bumpy.

The phone makes use of a 3.2-inch, capacitive-touch AMOLED screen that's plenty bright and times (more on that later). The sliding action is nice and springy, and the keyboard is both spacious and clicky, mostly because it's a little bigger than most phones in its category.However, the native resolution doesn't really do the screen justice, with visuals looking a little pedestrian. The 3 megapixel camera was also a bit underwhelming, but far from terrible.

On the software side, I was a little less impressed, especially with touch accuracy. The moments where the UI was particularly responsive means that the screen hardware itself is ok, but the that the OS is a little wonky. Being a capacitive screen, you shouldn't have to press very hard for the hardware to register your finger. Some times the Impression required a decent amount of contact to really get into action. Other than that, the UI is standard AT&T fare once you get past the TouchWiz UI, but at this point it's starting to look and feel bit dated.

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