Rumour: New PSP Called PSP Go! - Ditches UMD

Could it be that Sony are actually creating the PSP we've all been hoping for since the first version came out? According to our gaming brothers at Kotaku, that could very well be the case.Apparently Sony are planning on unveiling a new PSP called the PSP Go! which ditches the UMD drive for flash memory (either 8GB or 16GB). From there, games will come in the form of digital downloads, with rumoured in-store kiosks to rip your current UMD games to your new device.

Combine this latest rumour with the talk that the next PSP will have two analogue sticks, and we're looking at a very attractive PSP option. Of course, it's all rumour and speculation at the moment, but with E3 just a few weeks away, we can expect to find out more then.

[Kotaku and Kotaku]

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