Rubik's Cube Card Reader Will Only Make You Look Smarter

Of course, it's not an officially licensed real Rubik's Cube (unless you're looking at the easiest Rubik's Cube in history), but Brando's "270˘X x 270 X Card Reader" comes close enough.

Three levels of the card reader rotate 270-degrees each, with slots to fit SD/SDHC, T-Flash (Micro SD/Micro SDHC), MMC, M2, MS, MS DUO, MS PRO, MS PRO DUO and XD cards. Just don't be surprised when every jackass in your office is constantly grabbing pulling the hub's USB cable from your computer, only to find that, no, this piece of crap isn't a real Rubik's at all! $US12 [Brando]

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