RIM Employee Lends Credence To Storm 2 Rumours, Cryptically Claims 'New Manner To Input Text'

Speaking to

Dutch website Tweakers, a RIM sales manager said that, as rumoured, a followup to the underwhelming BlackBerry Storm will be arriving at the end of this year, or the beginning of next.

We would expect an update for the Storm after about a year anyway, but these are some of our first clues at to its substance. Instead of confirming recent talk about the inclusion of Wi-Fi, this employee put forward something curious: the next Storm will have "a new manner to input text". This statement tells us virtually nothing, but does indicate that RIM is at least aware that if they want anyone to actually like their next touchscreen phone, they're going to have to fix or scrap the Storm's clumsy clickscreen. [Tweakers via Engadget]

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