Queensland Train Commuters To Get Free Wi-Fi

new_citytrain_tcm15-14027.jpgWhile NSW's Cityrail goes about threatening iPhone app developers with legal action, CityTrain commuters up in Queensland can take comfort in the fact that their train network is actually looking at embracing technology, in the shape of free Wi-Fi.As Darrel Giles from the Courier Mail mentions, new wireless security equipment being introduced to all train carriages, train stations and platforms will have the fringe benefit for consumers of offering free wireless internet.

The scheme is set to cost anywhere between $1 million and $4 million, and will be completed by early next year. And if you happen to live right next to a CityTrain station and hope to jump on that free WiFi goodness, apparently it's going to be firewalled against you. Not sure how they'll differentiate between you and someone on the train platform, but who can argue with politicians and their knowledge of technology?

In any case, this move makes the rest of the country's rail networks look bad. Well, worse.

[Courier Mail]

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