Privus's BlackBerry Caller ID App Is $US60

Sixty dollars! For caller ID! Whaaa?

Sure, you see people's numbers, but not their name, when they call you. What if it's a telemarketer? That's Privus's pitch. Also, they claim their app actually delivers the caller name "nearly twice as often" as the lame one you have on your landline.

You have to leave it running constantly, and it curiously says in the description "Privus Mobile delivers names after call completion or if you miss the call for BlackBerry (RIM) devices." Uh, doesn't that defeat the whole point of this pricey caller ID? To know whether or not I should miss the call and let it fall into the inescapable abyss of voicemail or pick it up?

Update: Privus explains that it's "due to BlackBerry's lack of support for simultaneous data voice. Although incoming calls use voice capabilities, the Privus Mobile application utilises data capabilities to ping its database and deliver comprehensive caller information to the handheld. BlackBerries are the only Privus Mobile-compatible devices that receive the caller information post-call." It's real-time w/ Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Our attempts to run the free trial failed multiple times, and it asked me to pay to upgrade right off the bat. So maybe it's more like a "cheap trial." [Privus Mobile]

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