Prepare Yourself for the Onslaught of Terminator: Salvation Toys

For an R-rated movie full of violence and nudity, Terminator: Salvation sure has a lot of toy tie-ins aimed at kids under the age of 12. And man, some of them are really creepy looking.

Take the T-600 Voice 'N' Vision Skull, for example, which will cost discerning parents $US29.99. Who wants to see their kid look like this?

There's also the Terminator equivalent of those Hulk hands that were everywhere a few years back: the T-600 Power Fist ($US24.99). It shakes, it makes noise, and the fist flies off and hits your little brother in the face for minutes upon minutes of good times.

And there are loads and loads of other things, from action figures to endoskeleton patches. Seriously, is this amount of kid-targeted marketing normal for a movie deemed inappropriate for kids under the age of 17? [Ain't It Cool News]

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