Pink Nokia 7205 Intrigue Threatens the Masculinity of Bros Worldwide

The Nokia 7205 Intrigue breaks absolutely no ground whatsoever in the mobile phone world. But still, clamshells with hidden MP3 touch controls on the outside are great.

The 7205 Intrigue comes packed with a pretty basic feature set, but includes Nokia's Habitat UI, which is a pretty beautiful design. But the one techie feature of note is the aforementioned MP3 controls and display, which remain invisible until you start using them. The screen can display song info such as artist/album/song title/time, plus it serves as a clock and shows the signal strength as a secondary function. Plus it just looks nice. The touch controls on the outside work pretty well, letting you play/pause/switch tracks in easy fashion. But the 2.5mm headphone jack is bluuuuurrrrrrrrggggg-inducing.

And budget-minded bros, fret not. The 7205 is also available in silver and sans flower petal d-pad, so people don't think you're into dudes...and stuff (not that there's anything wrong with that).

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