Philips Norelco Bodygroom Shaver BG2030 Review (It's Ballsier)

The first Philips Bodygroom was a revolution in below-the-neck (read: genital) shaving. How did Philips manage to improve on that design? Simple: by introducing a better trimmer.

The original concept was already solid. The main body consists of a small trimmer and a shaver, which you can then add one of three plastic guards onto to vary the length of your human forest. The new design keeps the side trimmer and the shaver face intact, but adds a new dedicated trimmer head, plus two attachments with five lengths each.

Shaving with the main head is essentially unchanged. You can manoeuvre and 'Tokyo' drift around corners to get in close without doing damage to sensitive areas. If you like looking like a gigantic, ugly baby then that's the tool to use.

If you don't want your logging to go all the way to the stump, there's the new trimmer head. This, my generously follicled friends, is where the action is.

Cutting through swaths of hair like small arms fire through decayed zombie flesh, the trimmer takes at most two passes to undo what 11 years of nature prepared your body for. It's painless, not too noisy and much more sanitary than using the same trimmer you use on your beard.

So the only question you need to ask yourself is whether you want the original, which retails for $US30, or the updated version, which hits you for $US50. People that are "sometimes" shavers, those that are closer to space aliens than apes on the evolutionary scale, can make do with the $US30 BG2020. But those "people" that would cause Alec Baldwin to exclaim, "that's one hairy dude," need to splurge on the upgraded Bodygroom BG2030. Anyone who has to look at you naked will thank you. [Philips BG2030 and Philips BG2020]

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