Panasonic CY-BB1000D Is the First Blu-ray Player for Cars

You haven't seen a traffic accident until you've seen Blu-ray in your car.

The Panasonic CY-BB1000D, announced for the Japan market, is a (I call it a car stereo, as dated as that term may be) with GPS, 1seg TV tuner, 7-inch HD LCD, Bluetooth and 40GB hard drive. But the system's biggest claim to fame is the its integrated Blu-ray player (with everything but BD Live).

Save for the guy with a PS3 in his trunk, the Panasonic CY-BB1000D is the first Blu-ray player for cars. But we're guessing that natural selection will prevent this model from ever becoming all that popular following its release this fall. [Impress via New Launches]

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