Obama's Crazy-Ambitious Plan for High-Speed Rail Lines in America

Europeans and Japanese already enjoy high-speed rail service, but Americans are woefully dependent on cars and planes to get from city to city. Not for long, if Obama has anything to say about it.

Obama's right-hand goon, Joe Biden, unveiled the administration's plans for high-speed rail all across the country today, showing off a seriously impressive map that adds lines connecting cities all over the country.

Of course, this is all going to take time and a whole lot of money. The first line that's likely to go in, thanks to its advanced state of planning, is the California section, which hopes to link up its major cities with a 320kph rail line sometime in the next decade.

What's unclear is how all of this will be paid for. After all, the current stimulus package has $US8 billion marked for high-speed rail projects. Sounds like a lot until you learn that the CA section alone will cost somewhere around $US40 billion.

But still, in the long run the benefits of a reliable, fast rail system connecting major cities is clear. I hope they're able to make this happen. [WhiteHouse.gov and The Economist]

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