Nyko Metal Pedal Review

The Gadget: Nyko Metal Pedal, a Rock Band/Guitar Hero replacement pedal.

The Price: $US20

The Verdict: I like it more than the standard Rock Band (2) drum pedal, but probably not for the reasons you'd think. The Metal Pedal, for all of its hardcore skeleton styling, doesn't feel sturdier than the latest Rock Band stock pedal. Sure, it's called the Metal Pedal, but 80% or more of it is still made of plastic. The metal is in thin plating only.

But my size 12 feet appreciated the wider footbed, and the pedal's springs were looser than those you find in the Rock Band pedal—meaning it was easier to activate the bass drum which alleviated my puny shin muscles during quick passages.
Also, if you play both Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the cross-compatible hardware plugs into both drumsets and is toggled with a simple switch. I could see where using the same bass drum pedal for both games could be beneficial if you were a real score junkie.

Overall, the Nyko Metal Pedal isn't a must-buy. But if you're really into fake rocking and you find the options out there a little too stiff, it might be worth your $US20.

Wide Footbed

Comfortable Resistance

It Has a Skeleton On It

Build Quality Not Noticeably Better Than Stock Pedal


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