Nokia 1661 has AMAZING LED FLASHLIGHT Built InTo Top of Phone

Like computer viruses, this NOKIA 1661 phone will naturally attract itself to old people because it's cheap, ridiculously simple and has an AMAZING LED FLASHLIGHT built into it.

There's really not much else to say about the phone, except that it's coming out on T-MOBILE later this year, and will probably be FREE FREE FREE. YOU will WANT to BUY this phone with the AMAZING LED FLASHLIGHT when it comes out.

Nokia 1661 with T-Mobile USA
The Nokia 1661 with T-Mobile USA is an economically priced utility device that makes it easy to stay connected when consumers are away from home - with a built in speakerphone, FM radio and flashlight. The
March 31, 2009
speakerphone allows consumers the ability to multitask and ensure they get the most out of their day. With the built-in flashlight, consumers won't be left in the dark again as the Nokia 1661 easily lights the way. This prepaid device also comes preloaded with games like Sudoku or Mobile Soccer, ready to play out of the box.

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