New Yamaha iPod Docks Feature DAB+ Digital Radio Tuner

TSX130WH_front.jpgNothing about the upcoming launch of digital radio in Australia has really excited me beyond the 'meh' level so far, although Yamaha's new iPod docks with DAB+ tuners might just do it. Maybe.The two new models, (TSX-130 and TSX-120) are available in both black and white and feature an iPod dock, DAB+ tuner, FM tuner and dual alarms. The TSX-130 also boasts an integrated CD player and USB port. You can program up to 60 radio stations into the stereo (30 FM and 30 DAB+), and the top panel is made from real wood.

But then there's the price: $749 for the CD-toting TSX-130 and $599 for the $TSX-120. That's an expensive iPod dock, even with the DAB+ radio tuner built in. Sure, it probably sounds fantastic, and looks great, but are you prepared to spend more than $500 on a glorified clock radio in these economic times?


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