New Robots Forced to Perform Mankind's Dullest Tasks

Having seen the benefits of the Roomba, both MIT and Electric Machine Works Japan have created droids to do our dirty work. These robots are designed to make us pale, lazy, and well-read.

The Book Time, from Electric Machine Works in Japan, is more on the silly side, but I'm embarrassed to say I've been waiting for a machine with this functionality. This guy turns the pages of books at the push of a button, so you can stay flopped on your side and still expand your mind without having to expend even the tiniest bit of energy it takes to flip a small piece of paper. Its creators are hoping it'll find a home in libraries or retirement communities. They've somehow overlooked my incredible laziness.

MIT's networked gardening robot, pictured above, was the first step towards Wall-E style computer takeover, leading to a planet full of lazy slobs. Don't give in, readers. Turn your own pages. Or buy a Kindle, whatever. [AP and New Launches, photo by AP]

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