New 2TB WD Drives Come In Four Different Slimline Flavours

wd 2tb hdds.jpgThose slimline 2TB hard drives from Western Digital we saw a couple of weeks ago? They actually come in four different versions. At three different price points. Crazy, huh? The My Book Home edition, at $699, is the version most people will get. It's got some continuous backup software built in, high-speed eSATA, FireWire 400 as well as USB 2.0 connections and comes with 3 years warranty.

The My Book Essential Edition, at $649, is a barebones 2TB hard drive with USB 2.0 interface. Why you wouldn't spend the extra $50 to get the Home Edition is beyond me, but hey, that's what people do.

The My Book Studio Edition, at $749, is the most expensive of the four. It comes with FireWire 400/800 and eSATA interfaces as well as USB 2.0 and a 5-year limited warranty. It's also designed and formatted for Mac users.

Finally, the My Book Mac Edition, at $649, offers USB 2.0 connectivity and a 3 year warranty.

See, it's not that confusing.


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