National Federation of the Blind Protests Author's Guild Over Kindle 2's Text-to-Speech

We imagine the announcement of the text-to-speech feature on the Kindle 2 was amazing for the blind, which is why the fact that the Author's Guild wants to shut it down pisses them off so.

The National Federation of the Blind is protesting right now (or maybe just finished protesting) outside the Author's Guild HQ in NYC. Check out this site for more details.

In my own view, if I'm understanding this correctly, it's a fairly petty distinction that the Author's Guild is making in terms of having an eBook and having the eBook being read out loud, boiling down to the point that they want more money for the right to "perform" the book.

As a guy who's written a book—however shitty it may be—if the Kindle's TTS helps just one blind person, then it's worth it.

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