Nabaztag's RFID Mirror Knows What Your Gadgets are Saying

The Nabaztag, known for reading you the news and playing back podcasts, has come out with a new kind of reader: The Violet Mirror RFID reader.

Designed to be "so simple a two-year old can use it," this RFID Mirror—which comes with a mirror, two programmable micro-rabbits and three Ztamps RFID tags—is supposed to recognise different objects you show to it and also perform certain tasks you've assigned to the Ztamps via USB on your computer. For example, waving your umbrella over the mirror will make it tell you the weather, scanning your wallet in front of it will get your bank-statements e-mailed to you, or flashing that photo of you and that hot cheerleader will automatically send a text-message to your wife to let her know you'll be late for dinner. [ThinkGeek via i4u via Endgadget]

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