Mystery of the Huge Box Finally Revealed

What was inside the the Huge Mystery Box? Some people got it with Trekkie Betty's stockings, others with the second hint, and some with Uhura's bra. Here is the seeeecret—revealed: The Hot Rod Enterprise.

A couple of months ago Brian asked me: "Do you want to do something cool?"

This is something that Brian asks sometimes. It usually involves latex, handcuffs, and chocolate pudding. Fortunately, this wasn't the case.

"It's not what you think," he added. (see?)

"Hmmm..."—I replied—"does it involve getting in scuba gear, jump on a supersonic plane, skydive into the Pacific Ocean, search for the remains of a Spanish galleon, find a gazillion gold doubloons, buy an island, and hire five former Playboy playmates to play rock paper scissors all day long?"

"No, but it's pretty cool"—he said—"what about doing a custom Enterprise for JJ Abrams."

Which, mind you, is not as cool as my first idea, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. And I did. They sent me the Enterprise, one of 30 models. The other 29 were sent to other people: artists, movie directors like Robert Rodriguez, and designers around the country.

Not all of them have arrived, but they are being distributed across cinemas in the US as I write these lines. Mine—Enterprise 10—is located at the The Bridge Cinema de Lux in Los Angeles, California. And my favourite so far—Enterprise 15, or Oreo Enterprise—is located at Rave Town Square Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Check the rest in this link. [Star Trek Enterprise Gallery]

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