My Other Ride's a Battlestar Galactica Raptor

Calling all Battlestar Galactica nerds: Looking for a new mode of transportation? If you've got a buttload of cash—and no dignity—you can have your very own used, full-sized Raptor on May 8.

The Raptor was previously being sold on eBay, but with an ending price of $US28,100 after 43 bids, the auction never reached the reserve price. So to those of you who are comfortably masked by the invisible cloak we call online shopping, it's time to come out of hiding: you'll actually have to show your face to take this sweet ride home. NBC/Universal is now looking to get rid of the Raptor—as well as a full-sized Mark VII Viper and other various BSG props—via "live" auction in Pasadena, CA. [eBay auction via hplus via boingboing]

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