My First Album

Unlike Mark's first album, my first album unfortunately contained no ninjas. Unless Richard Marx wax a ninja.

For me it was Richard Marx's Repeat Offender on cassette, which I ordered from one of those music catalog deals. It was one of the few cassettes I actually bought, since even back then, I used to pirate music by taping songs off the radio. I'm sure that tape is long gone, but the memories—oh the memories—will remain forever.

I think maybe half the tracks on there were good, with the other half being serviceable. Which is why being able to buy individual tracks now would have blown me away back in the '80s.

Not that I really bought a whole lot of tapes back then, because even without the help of the internet, I got my free song fix from taping tracks off the radio.

For Gizmodo's week-long Listening Test (a tribute to all things audio), each writer will be sharing his/her first album. In other words, there will be many more to come.

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